Based in New York, Tanya L Holt has it pretty much covered, Beautiful, sultry female soul artist that has the world neatly placed at her feet, vocally adaptable and versatile with a very smooth tone proven by her recent releases that are getting appreciation & credit globally. Soulful Seduction managed to catch up with Tanya during her busy recording sessions and find out more.

Thank you Tanya x

CURRENT ALBUM/SINGLE:- How Does The Story End? (iTunes)

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How are you managing an extremely busy work schedule against making sure that you have some time to yourself?
Its all about balance. I keep a calendar and I try to space things out so that I dont overwhelm myself!!

If you had to explain your vocal talent with three words what would they be and why?
powerful – I commit to the material I sing
effective – great story teller
versatile – Love to sing all genres of music

Who encouraged you along with your singing career?
Friends, Colleagues and Family

What moment did you decide this is where you wanted to take your life?
When I realized that people are actually moved by what I do!!

Where do you want to take your music and whats your ultimate singing career goal?
I want to take my music worldwide. My ultimate singing career goal is to reach as many people with my music, to entertain, inspire, encourage and uplift through song.

How has the industry changed since you began, and how have you adapted to the changes?
Everything is digital and lives mainly in cyberworld. Ive adapted well.

Are you prepared to take chances with your music as musical tastes change?
I am prepared to take chances while remaining true to who I am and my artistry.

What makes your fan base go and buy this album/single?
The clarity of the production, the song itself and the story within the song which is relatable to most people. I get so many inboxes and emails, expressing how much my songs impact peoples lives. That makes me know, Iâm with the right team of people and that were doing something right! 

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