LOVEBEAMS-Robert-H-FowlerBased in New Jersey, Robert H Fowler seems to have it all! A superb soulful voice, smart & talented with the right look to take 2015 and make it his year! Vocally he takes his music to a different level with adaptability and resourcefulness to any such tune. His new single ‘Out Of The Rain’ released back in late 2014 is smooth soulful RnB and Robert gets it ‘just right’ – We managed to catch up with Robert and find out more about this very smooth artist – Thanks Robert.

NAME: Robert H Fowler


How are you managing an extremely busy work schedule against making sure that you have some time to yourself?
Honestly, sometimes you just have to take the time for yourself. A dinner with family or friends can go a long way.

If you had to explain your vocal talent with three words what would they be and why?
I’d have to say, Easy, Grounded and Expressive. Primarily because that’s who I am in life, and singing is my way of connecting with people. There’s no better way to make that connection, than to be authentic.

Who encouraged you along with your singing career?
I’m blessed to have a lot of support from my family, friends, and teachers- Jack Waddell and Martha Bernard. But the most encouragement has come from the “Lovebeams” team, Dwayne Palmer and Tanya Holt.

What moment did you decide this is where you wanted to take your life?
To be quite honest, there wasn’t one particular moment. I’ve always loved singing, though didn’t quite know how or if I wanted to pursue it. Then a few years ago, I started singing at a couple of clubs, and, with a push from Dwayne, thought now is the time.

Where do you want to take your music and what’s your ultimate singing career goal?
Ultimately, I would love to tour around the world. But as for now, I just want to sing and inspire. Music inspires and transports people.

How has the industry changed since you began, and how have you adapted to the changes?
Well, with the strong state of Internet radio stations such as yours, the support for independent artists is amazing! Music/Artists without the strong financial backing of the major labels, suddenly find themselves with an opportunity and platform to be heard. This allows me as an artist to be just that, an artist, and know that there is hope in my music being heard and appreciated.

Are you prepared to take chances with your music as musical tastes change?
I think I’m taking a chance, as my music is more Old School vibe, than current. But I am definitely open to seeing what can develop and where the music can go.

What makes your fan base go and buy this album/single?
My fan base tends to loves that Old School sound. You know, back when people would say, “Oh, that’s my song!”

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