It has been 13 years since I first met the New Jersey based producer and songwriter, Dwayne Palmer, online. Dwayne, at that time, was promoting his CD entitled ‘Never Alone’ by the artists, Stars On Broadway. I was very impressed by that album, which featured a sound reminding me very much of the Patrick Moten produced Beverly Glenn material around during the late eighties. Many people weren’t aware, at that time, that the CD’s proceeds were being allocated to the Americare Hurricane Relief project. Dwayne (not only having a heart, very much in the right place) has been in touch since that time, and has become something of a musical touchstone to this old scribe. Tracks have been released over the years, comprising mostly of four (but mainly) five star songs, all of which have kept me interested in this man’s career and product. When a new album was in the offing, life sent me a few distractions, so I have been a little slow in reviewing this album, but Dwayne’s quality consistency is still very much in place here.

The 15 track CD is, probably, best described as ‘music led and honest’, in as much as it is not full of gimmick’s, is free of voice box enhancements, and is clearly and competently written. The new single ‘Truth Is (I Really Do)’ is certainly a highlight, with a style very reminiscent of the Midnight Star evergreen ‘Curious’. High praise indeed. Cherry picking tracks was a tough task, as the quality is there, or thereabouts, throughout the album, although, when most tracks were 4 star tunes, the five star raters included ‘Can We?’, ‘Matter Of The Heart’, and the gorgeous ‘Forever More’. A real delight of a set, which is refreshing and enthusing (for want of a better description!) I hope that Dwayne continues on this artistic path, discovering new singers and groups, for many years to come. More power to your creative elbow my friend.